Clarient launches test for prostate cancer
Clarient launches test for prostate cancer
The Aliso Viejo-based company's gene expression test will confirm the presence of cancer cells in biopsies.
Published: January 13, 2009 09:21 AM
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Clarient, which provides anatomic pathology and molecular testing services for the pharmaceutical industry, is releasing its new gene expression test for prostate cancer, in conjunction with Savannah, Ga.-based Health Discovery Corp., which also develops molecular diagnostic testing.

The test is based on a combination of four genes that accurately identify the presence of Grade 3 or higher prostate cancer cells in prostate tissue. Grade 3 or higher cells are in the process of making new cells in disorganized, irregular growth patterns, which means they are clinically significant cancer. The association of these four genes with prostate cancer was discovered by Health Discovery Corp., through its patented pattern recognition technology.

The test will be available through Clarient's PATHSITE virtual reporting tool, and the company's pathology network will also be able to implement it.

The two companies will also license the product to additional laboratories in order to effectively market it, but Clarient will retain the exclusive rights for a prognostic test which may be developed in the future with Health Discovery Corp.

“We are excited to announce that Clarient is now formally launching HDC’s molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer,” says Stephen D. Barnhill, M.D., chairman and CEO of Health Discovery Corp. “In order to achieve a more rapid market uptake, we look forward to having additional clinical laboratories join Clarient in promoting and performing this new prostate cancer test in the near future.”

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