Prostate Cancer and Nutrition
Nutrition & Prostate Cancer

Day after day, the effects of dietary and lifestyle changes on the development and progression of prostate cancer are being discussed and explored by leading researchers in the field.

Which foods and nutrients have been shown to be beneficial for patients with prostate cancer? How reliable are the data for nutritional strategies in prostate cancer? Are there foods or nutrients that might prevent prostate cancer or even prevent or delay a recurrence of the disease?

Here are some resources to help you answer these questions:

Nutrition and Prostate Cancer Guide
By culling the data from the published literature, the Nutrition and Prostate Cancer guide offers a comprehensive, yet concise overview of where we are today in the search for nutritional approaches to prostate cancer—and reminds us how much more we have yet to learn about how key nutritional strategies can affect the development and progression of prostate cancer.

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